Develop, Encourage, Cultivate, Promote, Strengthen, Succeed…

EJ Sports, LLC was founded with the youth athlete in mind to help them reach their end goal.

Each athlete is unique in his abilities as well as his desired outcome. Here at EJ Sports, LLC we strive to develop players to reach their maximum potential through a variety of avenues such as clinics, travel teams, in-season training and development programs for leagues and youth organizations, year round baseball clinics and leagues, private groups, team and individual instruction as well as workshops and seminars and international baseball opportunities.

We cultivate a plan that helps athletes condition their body as well as their mind. Having a plan in place helps the athlete know the direction of their next step. But having a plan in place is only a small part of reaching your success. You must also control your environment, your physical condition and many other components to shape the life that you want. We provide that helpful framework. We are the support team to help you reach your continued success for athletics and life.

We promote you through encouragement and systematic tracked processes designed to assist your in your athletic development as well as academic achievement as an athletic student. We also contribute to your success via our large network of Major League colleagues, University Athletic Directors, College recruiters and evaluators and collegiate programs around the nation.

We strengthen your abilities that exceptional and aid you in shoring up your weakness so they do not hinder your strengths. Our goal is to ensure that each player maximizes their potential and continues on the path toward their goal.

Along with your family and friends, the entire staff at EJ Sports, LLC is your support team. We are engaged and actively working to assist you in your desire for success in life and sport.

We encourage you to fully explore the options that we provide through our programs to help you in your athletic journey.

Cheers to you! PLAY engaged and LIVE the full experience.

Strive for maximum potential