Speaker Series- Aaron Thigpen


  • Speaker Series- Aaron Thigpen
    May 19, 2016
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Aaron Thigpen

World class track athlete, speed movement coach, Aaron Thigpen shares his 20 years of experience to help you get faster, be a better athlete and train like there’s no competition in high school and college.

If you don’t know how far you can really go as an athlete, then you haven’t reached the edge of your performance. There is another level. As an athlete you aspire to your greatness as an individual, and as part of a team. You need to know how to get there and how to stay there. You need to know what to do and how to do it. It isn’t enough to train by yourself and think that you can get world class training. As an athlete you must be coached, trained and influenced by those who have been where you want to go.


-Learn the mindset you need to compete at your best

-Discover the secrets of world class athletes and how they get better

-Get the inside scoop on what to do before you train

-Learn how to condition now for your college baseball program in the future

-Learn how to train today for your high school program in the future

-Get the info on how to properly train for 6 out of 7 days


Learn the expectation needed for your high school baseball program and what you need as a baseline for college baseball. Learn group and individual performance accountability that helps you succeed as a team player and as an individual athlete. There is more to training then what you can do alone, you need to know how not to over-train as well as how to train. Through training you learn your body’s limitations. Being an athlete means having success but also understanding how to handle failure and use it to improve yourself. Discover all of this information and more so you can be the best athlete you can.






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