Speaker Series- Eric Valenzuela, Head Baseball Coach St. Mary’s College


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  • Speaker Series- Eric Valenzuela
    April 27, 2016
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Eric Valenzuela, Head Baseball Coach for St. Mary’s College


Event Date April 27, 2016

Event Time 7 PM- 8:30 PM

The number one goal of an athlete is to play. And if you are interested in playing at the Division 1 level you need to know what it takes to get there and stay there. Join Eric Valenzuela, head baseball coach at St. Mary’s College to learn more about recruiting.

-Learn the secrets of what a Division 1 baseball coach looks for in an athlete.

-Learn the perspective of recruiting from a Division 1 head coach.

-Get the facts on what you must do to be recruited

-Discover what sets a Division 1 athlete apart from a Division 2 or Division 3

-Learn the Number 1 challenge to being recruited

This session is for you if:

~you have what it takes to be recruited but need more answers

~are an athlete and you want to learn how to get recruited

~want the inside perspective of a Division 1 coach

~are a parent trying to understand what needs to be done

~you want to ask questions of a Division 1 coach

~you want more insight to the recruiting process


Sign up today. Spaces are limited to 25 registrants only. There will not be a repeat of this session this year, and no guarantee of a future session. Open seating.

We invite you to join us and learn the real information of being recruited so you can implement these strategies.