TRYOUTS – Spartans 6th Grade Team


  • Spartans Tryout
    November 13, 2016
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm


DATE: November 13, 2016

Time: 9AM – 12PM

Locations Diablo Vista Park and Field (Parking lot is located off of Crow Canyon Rd.)


EJ Sports is a baseball development company that believes in training its player to help transition each player to the next level of their game. The key to a player’s success is game awareness, development of skills, overall baseball philosophy, mental conditioning, leadership and life skills.  Our program has dedicated activities that put these essential tools in place to provide each player with an opportunity to grow as an athlete, student and good standing member of the community.

The Spartans program is our entry-level team comprised of separate teams for 5th grade and 6th grade players. At this level we focus on comprehension of athletic fundamentals of baseball, introduction of the mental component of the game, instilling confidence in skills, fundamentals of conditioning, as expanding awareness and implementation and execution of next level baseball techniques and more.

Proper conditioning, confidence and applying the skills learned is a strong aspect of defining the self within the context of a team is a key concept at this age. These players are introduced to consistent workout routines to begin a regimented plan for baseball activity as individuals as well as a team.

At this level we begin the practice of consistent conditioning and pre-game workouts, we encourage players to take responsibility to track their own improvements and begin the transition to be responsible for their equipment and balancing homework and team work. This team participates in local games and local tournaments.

5th grade Spartan season runs from September to November.

6th grade Spartans Season starts December and runs through June.

If you are interested in improving your skills and moving to an elite level of play, we invite you to register.




What playing year is this for?

This playing season is for year 2016- 2017. This tryout is for players entering into 8th grade.

Will there be makeup days?

We will not have makeup days or special tryout times for those who miss days or cannot make the assigned days of the tryouts. Please respect our rules.

What should my son or daughter expect at tryouts?

What to expect at tryout:

  1. Timed running
  2. Hitting
  3. Catcher pop up times from home to 2nd and to 3rd
  4. Infield and Outfield
  5. Fly balls
  6. Ground balls
  7. Double barrel live hitting practice
  8. Scrimmage




1000 Tassajara Rd, Danville, California, 94526, United States

Diablo Vista Field and Park 1000 Tassajara Ranch Drive Danville, Ca 94526   Located off Crow Canyon Rd. For more information: